Mansion On the Hill

Are you ready to live in your own “mansion on the hill” after years of saving to make your dream house a reality?

Many of us remember the iconic Springsteen song that made us dream of a large manor house overlooking the town, a place known for opulence and splendor.

When you're looking to move into a prebuilt home, here are some things to think about as you make your final selection.

Home Size

Many of those buying new homes want to plan enough space for large family get-togethers or other types of events. They may want a larger TV room to allow everyone to watch a big game, or a large enough basement or first floor space to seat up to 50 or 60 people, for example. That’s a big asset when it comes to togetherness and being able to say “hey let’s all go to my place!”

All of this requires a specific type of floor plan, and so it’s something to keep in mind as you think about your big investment in a sizable piece of real estate and a house that's, by all accounts, pretty large. You might also inquire about bathrooms, a dishwasher (or two!) etc. In these high-end properties, additional kitchen and bathroom infrastructure are often part of the plan.

High Design

There's also a lot to think about in terms of how builders structure the building. Our builders put a lot of excellent craftsmanship and design work into creating slanted gables, bay and bow windows, and more. All of it creates the curb appeal that your “Mansion on the hill” needs to be truly impressive and stand out in your neighborhood.


You can also think about how to light up the exterior at night. Many people, when making this kind of investment, want to show it off in the nighttime hours with landscape lighting or other programmable LED lighting which may be on a timer for nightfall. Get this type of installation in place to enjoy your home at night, any time of year. Color displays can also be programmed in for holidays.


Then there's also that question of what you'll be wanting to do on your property. Think about appropriate space for outdoor grilling stations, pools or other installations for summer fun.

We build high quality up-scale homes in Fairfax and surrounding areas. Browse the web site and ask us any questions about getting homes with Integrity.

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