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A Good Foundation: Building with Integrity

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What does it mean to build with integrity?

You could say that it means drawing up blueprints with the right amount of precision and attention to detail.

You could also say that building with integrity involves walking the extra mile on quality, for example, quality of materials. Most states have rating systems for building materials, to make sure that everything that goes into a job site is up to par, but that’s just where the bar is set. Great contractors put their own high standards in place, so that every job benefits from a truly excellent approach.

You could say that a lot of the integrity of building goes on at the job site, as human hands work with the materials and install every part of a building methodically.

You could say all of these things, and be right, but in general, building with integrity is results-oriented. It’s a way to look toward the finished result, (into the future, in a way) from an informed and knowledgeable standpoint. Let’s talk about that a little bit. 

Masonry as a Metaphor

In modern buildings, you have electrical systems, plumbing, framing, drywall, masonry and more. Let's start with the core premise of a building footprint – the foundation.

There's a reason that the masons of pre-industrial times were considered the top guild that eventually created elite secret societies, and earned the lion's share of respect in the building world. It’s because of how important the foundation (traditionally of stone, then brick) plays a role in building. 

One way to understand building with integrity is to look at a tangible foundation for a building. Whether it's legacy stone or modern concrete, the foundation sets the stage for what is built on it.

We think it's an apt metaphor for the building industry itself. As with other kinds of business these days, there's a glut of options to choose from. There's a mass of information swirling around the industry. Every U.S. state has its own standards and context for building work. It's easy for people to get confused about how something is built, and what contractors and companies are most competitive and effective.

Start with the basics. Look at the company's skills and certifications and its track record with materials. We provide different kinds of move-in ready homes and help to build vibrant communities, as part of groups of stakeholders committed to quality and integrity, so that the families who inhabit these neighborhoods in the future will have the peace of mind connected to that firm foundation, that integrity and its result. Learn more about our building services on the web site and get in touch with any questions about a new home or building service. 

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All floor plans and renderings are conceptual and used for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Renderings are artist concepts and elevations may include optional features and cladding: Floorplans are intended as a representation of the blueprints. Builder reserves its right to change or alter its plans, specifications, prices, and materials without notice or obligation. Please consult the sales representative for details.

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