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Building In High-Demand Markets

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See if you've heard of this kind of scenario before.

Real estate markets tend to get hot when organic demand creates upward pressure, and the housing stock simply isn't enough to satisfy a growing customer base.

Realtors and others see the symptoms of this in the common sale process. Instead of taking the time to look for lead, radon or asbestos, or even make sure that appliances are functioning properly, buyers are willing to skip the home inspection entirely. Buyers start to arrive on the scene with all-cash offers to get around financing bottlenecks. Real estate deals start to go at light speed.

This is bad news for buyers, because this process is extremely stressful if you're looking to move your primary residence from one place to the other. It can also be stressful for the market as a whole, because that's not really how we’re used to real estate markets working. But there are alternatives, such as buying a new home, and with the right planning, these types of new residential developments can really be good for a community. 

New Building in a Community

The role of new building, in these situations, is to act as a release valve for market demand. Then there is also an alternative for people who don't like the uncertainty of trying to buy existing homes.

Instead of getting into these hot markets, families may choose to invest in a brand-new property with new and fully warranted appliances and systems, so that they can start maintaining their property from day one. It's a different way to look at the process of buying your first home, expanding from a starter home, or relocating anywhere in the country. It’s also a different avenue toward replenishing housing stock in a community, with all of what that entails, and the ramifications for growth. Entities like companies and school districts count on this type of growth, and having steady growth is important. 

Building With Integrity

As we design our move-in ready homes, Integrity Homes is dedicated to working with integrity and building results that last. We also put work into researching where to build, in a way that is sustainable for the community. See more of our stellar work product on our web site, where we show off the new homes that we have proudly built. We have thirteen years of experience in the NOVA Maryland and Virginia markets, and a track record that brings positive word of mouth from past buyers. See for yourself how great a new home can be!

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