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Providing Move-In Ready Housing

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What does move-in ready mean? Well – it means move-in ready.

If only it were that simple. Too many people sign contracts and prepare to move onto a property, only to find unanticipated problems and hassles on move-in day. So with that in mind, experts have to explain what move-in ready means, to make sure that everyone's honoring their side of the commitment.

Two Fundamental Problems

There are two different kinds of problems that you can have with expecting a move-in ready property. The first one happens when the seller or agent or whoever's in charge tells you that the unit or home is not move-in ready. In the world of new construction, this happens quite a bit, and it's extremely problematic for people who bought these homes expecting to move in on a given day. They'll have to push back their entire schedule and start all over with a moving plan!

The second type of problem is when a unit or home is advertised as move-in ready, and when people move in, they find various problems.

Types of Problems with Move-In Ready Properties

Here are some of the things that have to be in place for a property to truly be move-in ready. Many of them are just common sense, but it’s worth looking at what kinds of things crop up when counterparties to housing deals least expect them.

First, that property needs to be clean and free from new construction debris or other kinds of junk. So if you show up and there's still scrap drywall and plastic and other items throughout the home, it's not clean, and so it's not move-in ready the way you would expect it to be.

Of course, plumbing and electrical systems also have to be working properly. In addition, if you have a leaky roof or something that jeopardizes the livability of the property, then it's not move-in ready.

All of this is, in a way, common sense, but some companies cut corners, and so people get unpleasant surprises. At Integrity Homes, we make sure to have new homes move-in ready as advertised, to prevent these kinds of hair-pulling experiences and conflicts that can really give a company a black eye in terms of its overall reputation and track record.

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