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Reasons to Build New

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Buying a new home can be very exciting and rewarding. It is one of the most important purchases you will probably make in your lifetime. When you purchase a brand-new home for the first time, there are many viable reasons to build new or buy an existing home. Although there are benefits and disadvantages to both, here are a few things to consider if you are looking to build sometime soon.

New means New

New means just that, brand new. That means modern faucets, new walls, new basement, new foundation, all of it untouched. Buying new pretty much disqualifies the fact that you would have to perform any repairs in the foreseeable future. You will also customize your home how you want it and choose what you like or don't like when installing new features. If you were buying existing, you might disagree with some aspect of the home. Whereas if you are buying new, you can refine and adjust any home's appearance that you don't like. All of it catered to your needs and wants. It's move-in ready and exactly how you want.

You're the lone Buyer

When building a new home, there will be no challenge from other buyers. Buying a new home has definite advantages. The area where you live might be fraught with competing buyers. The home buying process can be very strenuous and challenging, especially when you have competing bids. Take the stress out of the process by buying brand new.

Use Better Construction

If you are used to an old house, you know that it will go wrong if it can go wrong. Plumbing can be an issue, windows can be a headache, and several things can go wrong with an older home. You are also unaware of the work done to the house before your ownership. That leaves room for quick fixes and shoddy repair. With new homes, you don't have to worry about any of that because you can keep an eye on the artistry and materials used every step of the way.

Do What Makes you, Happy

Only you know what will make you happy. From gourmet kitchens to interior lights streamed across the ceiling, elegant staircases, and beautiful fireplaces, the world is at your fingertips. Choose you for your home when buying from Integrity Homes. For all of your home buying needs in the Virginia and Maryland area, visit Integrity Homes.

*Base pricing does not include Elevation Charge and/or Lot Premiums

All floor plans and renderings are conceptual and used for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Renderings are artist concepts and elevations may include optional features and cladding: Floorplans are intended as a representation of the blueprints. Builder reserves its right to change or alter its plans, specifications, prices, and materials without notice or obligation. Please consult the sales representative for details.

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