There are some significant benefits to purchasing a newly built home instead of going on the local real estate market and getting a home that was built in some prior decade.


For one thing, it's a fairly straightforward process, and although it has its own steps and procedures, working directly with a builder can be a lot more convenient than working through a real estate agent on a conventional family home sale process for a pre-existing building.


Homes in Good Conditions


Too often, legacy homes in existing neighborhoods have been subject to different kinds of depreciation and wear over time. And that’s putting it nicely. Home systems will typically be fairly old, and some may even be original to when the property was built.


This leads to problems with cobbled together Frankenstein houses with a mishmash of systems that may work to some extent, but are not either ideal best practices, or up to current building code.


Contrast that with a newly built home, which is constructed according to the current building code and fire safety regulations. Everything will work well, because it has all just been designed and built according to the same professional standard.


Less Paperwork


Of course, there's still paperwork involved in buying a newly constructed home, but the process can be a lot easier than going on a local market for a traditional family home.


Typically, the buyer works with a sales manager to iron out the details. The Sales managers helps the buyer go through the process of picking out structural options/floorplans, countertops, flooring, cabinets, and fixtures.


On the other hand, when you buy an older house, you're getting whatever was designed back in the day and whatever comes with it. There are also additional types of paperwork that apply to these conventional sales due to lender requirements, government rules and more.


Nice and New


Like that new car smell? Try a new house experience for your entire home. Everything fits well and works well, and is extremely convenient in these modern homes. You only get the new house feeling once (per house!) – but if you're lucky enough to move into a newly constructed home, chances are you'll treasure the experience for a lifetime.


Work with Integrity Homes to get newly constructed homes in Virginia and Maryland and surrounding areas. We want you to be completely happy with where you live – because that influences the rest of your life in a profound way! Just ask us about our track record in NOVA and beyond. 


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Why Buy New Construction?

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New Construction

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Resale Home

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View one of our premier communities in Virginia or Maryland.

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  1. Start by searching for the perfect floorplan
  2. Schedule a meeting to discuss details regarding options and pricing with one of our sales managers
  3. Purchase your dream home!

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*Base pricing does not include Elevation Charge and/or Lot Premiums

All floor plans and renderings are conceptual and used for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Renderings are artist concepts and elevations may include optional features and cladding: Floorplans are intended as a representation of the blueprints. Builder reserves its right to change or alter its plans, specifications, prices, and materials without notice or obligation. Please consult the sales representative for details.

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